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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  November 27, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PST

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teem. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> good morning, current tv land. i'm wearing the shirt from our spinning class that i sometimes torture you and take you to. >> i love that one. is that the athlete warrior -- i can't see it. >> they yell those phrases you didn't get up early to compromise like we're negotiating the fiscal cliff. >> yes. >> there's a new one no tall,
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no water. two more songs. i'm like i can't see. >> no water? that's in sane! are they trying to kill people? >> did i tell you the other one? sweat is fat crying. >> i would just walk out right there. i can't deal with that crap. >> you have to keep your heart rate up, it's a test to see if you can make it through another song without towel or water. >> i don't need pithy sayings to keep my heart ray up. >> good morning everybody. u.n. ambassador susan rice is meeting with senators john mccain lindsey graham and kelly iop. they have been critical of her remarks in the aftermath of benghazi. she described that as a spontaneous attack based on the in tell she had from the
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intelligence community. there could be some substance to the plan that president obama plans to nominate her for secretary of state. she will meet with other lawmakers later this week. president obama has been unwaiving in his support of her calling republican attacks on her outrageous. >> according to official announcement, the president of mexico and the president plan to talk about economic development and bored concerns. while there is no second sit down scheduled for the president and congressional leaders he did speak to john boehner and harry reid over the weekend about avoiding the fiscal cliff. the president will meet with small business owners today. tomorrow he meets with middle class americans who would be affected by tax hikes and more business leaders. friday he's going to travel to hatfield pennsylvania where he
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will give campaign style remarks to get support for congress to negotiate the right kind of deal. we are back with more steph after this. ♪
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> yahoo, it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it. 1-800-steph-1-2 toll free from everywhere.
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steven weber. he will be there nobody panic he will be right there. charlie pierce said some good stuff about the fiscal cliff and other things. this is going to be a fascinating discussion. the president playing three dimensional chess. told you so. >> never mind. >> never mind. >> corn? when did we book corn? [ laughter ] >> oh, you kids. i swear. all right, you know what? i think there's a little estrogen in the clubhouse. ♪ ♪
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>> hi, jackie schechner. >> good morning. my athlete, my warrior my legend. >> stop that night now. >> you didn't get up this early to compromise. >> if someone yelled at me like that during a class, i would walk right out. if you're heart isn't exploding you're not doing well enough. you paid money for that? wow! >> five times a week, too. >> i don't get that at all. obsessive? >> no, seven she said five times a week. >> and i said obsessive much? >> i would do it eight days a week if i could. jackie, i needed some estrogen in the fort. how about the fox news website just as odious as the news
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channel. i'll set it up, jackie wrote a great piece. in an editorial social critic, is that like a social liaison only somehow -- suzanne benker makes bold claims, like paul ryan and his ideas for the budget bold, courageous and horribly wrong. regarding the state of marriage. >> which is almost ago logical as the war on christmas. >> argues that women's emerging roles as breadwinners have caused them to become irritable and unappealing so called marriageable men. >> some of them. >> women have undergone radical transformations and become independent. [ eek ]
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>> women are just not acting like traditional women anymore. >> fox is offering this up as news? >> your thoughts, jackie, contemporary woman? >> i did do a classic jackie your not helping piece on this. it should be posted sometime this morning. >> at >> it has been approved by the powers that be and just needs to be put on line. i will give you a tease. it's rare someone sends me an article so offensive that i don't know where to begin tearing it apart. >> it really, it hit me so to the core as such a disgusting misogynistist piece of crap that i had fun crafting it and recrafting it. >> if only women new their role at subservient second class
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citizens we'd have much more respectful men wanting to get married. you say susan not only are you helping, you're delusional. it reaches for the same despicable tuesday used on battered women. >> the whole piece, the idea is that if we were just more subservient, more likable and willing to accept our gender roam as second class citizens to men, then more marriable men would come out of the wood work. >> right. >> i would argue that i don't want to marry a man who doesn't appreciate a strong, intelligent women. >> yeah. >> i think that's what's happening. it is not my responsibility for you to get your act together. >> right. >> that's the whole idea behind the article, is is that the reason why there aren't as many good men is because women are making it very hard for them to be responsible or respectful or
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ambitious or, i don't know, motivated. >> whatever, i'll be up here on the couch. >> exactly. >> you will be playing the role of the knee ander that will all morning. >> maybe the traditional role has shifted but it doesn't mean it's my fault that you can't keep up! >> exactly. you should learn not to compete with me. i always win. >> you should learn not to compete with me! i always win. >> you didn't get up this early to compromise. shut up! some of these lines. men want to love women not compete with them. they want to provide for them and protect their families, it's in their d.n.a., but modern women won't let them. >> who is this chick. i bet she's really ugly.
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>> oh, stop it. [buzzer] >> she wrote that women cannot rear children while maintaining a challenging career. >> oh, yeah, we've definitely proven that to be true. >> clearly. >> where are your children? yes, do you know where your children are? >> just bang loser in general. >> take the kids a spinning class. [ laughter ] >> and yell at them. faster! faster! >> as a general rule, your bad behavior is not my responsibility. >> right. >> and that's, i mean that's the whole concept behind this piece is that somehow women are responsible for men behaving badly. >> right. >> i mean, there are plenty of poorly behaved women, too. >> right. >> but you take responsibility for your own actions. >> right. >> really? oh ok. >> not you jim. >> not you jim. >> there's a village taking responsibility for you guys.
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[ laughter ] >> a village of hot chicks. [ laughter ] >> jim's the throwback. [ growling ] >> it's a little like the feminist liberal show, it's like madman over there. [ whistling cat call ] >> drag that gorgeous butt in here. >> all right. jackie, we talked about this last night. it's weird when sometimes there's a thread of truth and we go yeah, clearly i believe some men have a hard time with strong women. >> absolutely. i truly believe that. i think there are men who are not comfortable with women who are their equal. they don't want to be with somebody who may challenge them intellectually or maybe a true partner as opposed to somebody who is i hate to use the word subservient. >> i know some woman who have that damsel in distress thing.
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some women can screw that you by being too strong and competent. that's not our responsibility. you also point out marriage is not mandatory. it's not mandatory. >> you don't have to get married. this woman makes it out like everybody wants to get married and, you know, you would have that ideal marriage if you just sit down, shut up and bake something. i mean. >> i have that one port card, why do i have to get married? i didn't do anything wrong. >> i mean, it assumes so many traditional social norms that it's so out of date and it's like this woman has not emerged from her home in the last 50 years. >> she's been too busy baking. >> it's insulting. frankly, if she's actually written the books that she said she's written, then she's a working woman. >> why isn't she at home taking care of the kids. >> she's like dr. laura making a
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multi-million dollars a year job and telling women they should people bad if they're working. >> you can't have this kind of conversation and make generalizations. there are all types of different people and there are some men who love strong, independent women and they find that attractive and sexy and want to be with a woman who is a true partner and would prefer to be with somebody who lets them make a decision. it's a preference thing. >> there's a difference between that and the point of her piece which is that women all of us in general are not being subservient enough to push and radical ideas like that. >> she says i've spoken with hundreds if not thousands of people. there's a big difference then hundreds and thousands. >> that's a big sampling there dozens, if not millions. >> she's come to the conclusion that there is this subset of men who don't want to get married because women aren't the women they used to be. it's so insulting on every level. part of the piece i point out is
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if there is a woman in the change of a command at who approved this piece she should be ashamed of herself and she should fire that man. i'm sure he's a real peach. >> you have a hard time with strong women and that's why some women make other choices. but my point. [ laughter ] >> hows that working out for you, steph. >> that's not working out so well either. i might be coming back to your side. [ laughter ] >> i was like -- i was like jackie, i'm burning my bra it's a sports bra. it's taking a while and it's kind of smelly like sex with men. sorry, i'm the only les on this
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chain. >> we're burning our sports bras in solidarity. there you go. i have straight but very athletic friends. [ laughter ] >> all right, great stuff it will be up at later. it's fabulous stuff because it's from jackie schechner. love you honey. >> love you too. >> you walk on them gorgeous pins back in the news and bake an omelet. >> you don't bake an omelet. >> see, i'm not a proper subservient woman. i don't even know how to bake an omelet. >> you bake a fritata. >> i was going to say something else. screw both of you! >> you keep us afloat. >> so bite me! >> there are so many people depending on you. >> i said that in the most subservient way possible. kids carbon night, we tell you about it all the time, i have
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reams, i would say reams. >> reams. >> of thank you letters all encased in carbonnite. they had the power outage, virus, whatever it is, flood. >> flood. >> leak, chardonnay leak in my case on my laptop and poof, there goes your laptop, your whatever. you don't want to lose everything in there. think about all the stuff in your computer you use to run your life, your work stuff family photos, music all of that. >> music collections can run over $1,000. imagine that if you had a hard drive crash. >> right. >> gone. >> right gone, poof, set up carbonnite and you'll have time to do what you want, because apparently people have family and kids and bake things for
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men. anyway my point is for $59 a year, you can get unlimited back up for your computer. >> you can get up early to bake an omelet. >> back up your files also, check it out go to type in stephanie for a free trial plus two free bonus months with your subscription. offer code is stephanie. 19 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: for a good time, call now 1-800-steph-1-2. rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate. don't forget about that payroll meeting. rolo.get your smooth on. also in
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. [ music ] ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller.
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♪ >> stephanie: warrior. ok. 24 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the number, toll free from anywhere. we will tell you when jackie speaks up at, why wives are not girly enough. from boca. >> of course. >> stephanie: just someone who is clingier than i am. girlfriend attacks a man after he refuses to be her boyfriend after one date early wednesday night at his home. after he refused to say he was her boyfriend. >> boyfriend! [ screaming ]
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>> stephanie: bad first date. >> real bad first date. >> stephanie: she punched him and threatened him with a knife after he disagreed with b. a comment he was her boyfriend. he was able to get the knife out of her hand and push her out the door. kind of like the flintstones cat. >> oh, she's back. >> wow. >> say you're my boyfriend or i'll kill you. >> stephanie: i'll consult you. he clearly had fear of commitment. that's the moral of that story. >> it's his fault. that will put you off dating. >> stephanie: maybe the fox girl was right. i give up. jim, you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi, jim. >> caller: hi, good morning stephanie. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: i would just like to say as opposed to past elections, wall street was all
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in with romney. they didn't split their conviction as usual. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: yeah, so instead of fighting them for a tax increase on the top 2% that america supports, let's gently go over that fiscal slope and then. >> stephanie: it's more like a fiscal bunny hill. i think with a good flying sauce as her weeding fine and go right into january. >> caller: fuzzy too right? >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: gently go over to face asking slope and give 98% of americans a tax decrease and everybody will get what the american people wanted. >> stephanie: yeah within i have to say we're going to have a big discussion about this this morning. there's a lot of interesting different sides you're with patrick murray. senator murray is saying it's not a cliff it's a slope. he's saying it can be fixed fairly quickly in january. >> what we don't want is extending the bush tax cuts again, because that's what put us into this situation in the
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first place. >> stephanie: eric cantor on fox news is lying. what's the chance? it's like there wasn't an election of some sort where mitt romney ideas were squarely rejected. as the caller said, many, many points ahead in every poll that's out today about people that want the rich to pay their fair share as a way to solve this dilemma. eric cantor said obama should put obamacare on the table. >> no. >> stephanie: he said it is the entitlement that is driving up the national debt. >> no, it isn't. >> stephanie: it doesn't go fully into effect until 2014. the congressional budget office said the debt will go up if it's repealed. >> what do they know about the budget. >> stephanie: the american people rejected the big budget. more people voted for democrats it's because of the
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gerrymandering and redistricting that there remains. paul ryan tried this, too, you know somebody asked him right president won every battleground, he can tolland slide, don't you think that's a mandate. no no, because they also reelected a republican house. no, first of all you lost seats, less people voted for republicans in congress than democrats. he knows very well it's because of redistricting. >> in both elections obama won by a wider margin than bush won both of his election he is and bush referred to both of his as a mandate. obama won by a wider margin. >> mandate sounds kind of gay. >> stephanie: isn't that wonderful, eddie. >> isn't that wonderful eddie? i won't go! >> stephanie: i wouldn't go! they don't like you. ok, 29 minutes after the hour. more on the fiscal cliff as we continue on the stephanie miller show.
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>> we pulled the rug out from under you, sorry. >> stephanie: some how they have to some degree won the spin people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> relax. this is just temporary. like lesbianism at women's colleges. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: thank you. it is the stephanie miller show. that might be the last day for the thanksgiving leftovers. >> you're still eating those? it's almost been a week. >> they might have gun to turn by now. >> i think no. >> steven weber should be hosting the show an hour late. 1800. >> he heard that and went right
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back home. >> stephanie: no he did not. 1-800-steph-1-2, toll free from anywhere. youren oh the show. >> caller: hey, good morning welcome back everybody. >> stephanie: thank you honey. >> caller: i know you and jackie haven't been married but i've been married twice. we average out. >> stephanie: no warned i can't get a man you've been snapping up all the marriageable men. >> caller: trust me, the first one you want to throw back. >> stephanie: like a minnow. >> caller: how are the wonderful stephanie miller and brilliant military historian thomas ricks the same? >> stephanie: i don't know. >> caller: they will neve be invited back to fox t.v. >> stephanie: right, thank you. that's right. by the way every time they give me a second chance, i blow it on purpose. [ explosion ] >> stephanie: i don't think they get the point. i don't want to be oh on. >> come crawling back to broadway. >> stephanie: come crawling back to fox.
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>> the avenue of the americas. come crawling back to the avenue of the americas. >> stephanie: charlie pierce had great stuff. you know what drives me crazy? not just what you expect on fox news how the mainstream media buys into spin so easily, particularly on this fiscal cliff thing. romney-like proposal increases a big concession. it's all of this, oh, we all need the bipartisanship, that's what the american people want. basically, the grover norquist pledge stuff it's just a load of [bleep] because they're making noises as if raising taxes on the rich is not and thank god, the white house is already calling them on it. but anyways think progress said voters rejected romney's tax plan and president obama won reelection. republican's expressed interest in raising ref too. you go they are disavowing the pledge and coming to the table
6:36 am
and blah blah blah. their public concessions the kind of policy voters overwhelmingly rejected. how do you lose in a landslide and say how about mitt romney's plan. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] >> how about that. what do you think of that? that guy me. not president. >> tax reform that does not increase marge national tax rates on the richest americans but eliminates tax loopholes. paul ryan's budget, also the loser of the last election. on one hand, somebody wrote republicans would get the tax breaks they want, republicans would also get the entitlement changes they want. the party and media are presenting it as a big concession and urge democrats to back it. this is why, you know, charlie
6:37 am
wrote a great piece. don't you think president obama should bring in mitt romney. >> no! >> stephanie: what? no! >> he's the last person he should bring in. >> stephanie: that's the premise you are starting from? the pitch is very similar to the plan presented by romney which is supposed to boost growth while closing loopholes. fortunately president obama has rejected this kind of approach. i'm glad the white house is calling them on it saying what i will not do is have a process that is vague saying we are sort of going to raise revenuear close loopholes that have not been identified. he won this election on arithmetic. the white house said it has not seen a realistic proposal from republicans. he keeps saying the math doesn't work. you can't raise enough revenue. obama would be open to proposals
6:38 am
so long as the tax rate remains on the table. carney, the president's carney said social security shouldn't be on the table. it is not currently a driver of the deficit. that's an economic fact. >> we've been open to revenue by closinging loopholes as long as it's tied to spending cuts. >> as long as it's mitt romney's plan. that's what we're for. >> stephanie: what? you're acting like, it's almost like a hostage crisis. like they don't have the gun and are issuing demands. like what? >> what are you talking about? >> stephanie: exactly. mike in philadelphia, you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi, mike. >> caller: hi, steph how are you doing? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: eric con tore brought obamacare back on the table. they won't leave that alone. >> stephanie: no, they are just the sorest losers in the world.
6:39 am
it's like he won he won at the supreme court he won at the ballot box again moving on, we are not repealing obamacare. like really? the white house warned monday that american consumers will spend $200 billion less if the looming fiscal cliff is not averted and tax hikes are not spread across the board. the economy would take a hit of $500 billion, probably sending the country back boo recession. i get what the white house is saying and what people like patty murray are saying about how we should negotiate this and whether it's a cliff or a slope. >> it's a financial cliff claven. >> slope. >> i think even if it is a slope, if we go over the fiscal slope, it will do a lot of damage. >> right it could -- the markets will react, freak out. >> that's where the damage will
6:40 am
be done. >> i love politico, a growing block of emboldened emboldened liberals. [ screaming ] >> say they're not afraid to watch defense spending get gouged. [ scream ] >> stephanie: if republicans captain see their way toward additional revenues then we're better off going over the cliff and readdressing this with a better congress in january. >> it's the republicans holding the country hostage. >> they're saying it's more of a slope where the economic effects will be handled gradually. we're going to have a whole new congress. >> more democrats. >> we have the technology.
6:41 am
we can make them better. >> stephanie: we built that. >> yes we did. we gave it a bionic eye apparently. >> stephanie: right. patty will have to move her hair to hear you. >> you said what now, mitt romney's plan? no. no. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: what kind of budget geeks, we just have that sound effect. >> it's come in handy more often than not. >> stephanie: i go like this and you do that. >> that was the bionic man effect. >> stephanie: hers is like ding-ding-ding, like sonar. [ dinging ] >> republicans would most likely bear the public blame if policy
6:42 am
makers deadlock. only 29% would blame the president. it's very important that we hang in there to get the representative opponents peter welch from vermont. he said i prefer an agreement before january 1. >> stephanie: i'm a libra, the white house says one thing and i'm like yes murray says one thing, i'm like yes! i can't decide. murray said we will reach a point at the end of the year where all the tax cuts expire and start over next year and everything we do will be a tax cult for whatever we put together.% that may be the way to oh get past the this. it does take all the bargaining power away from them. you have no choice about the bush tax cuts.
6:43 am
>> which were set to expire two years ago! >> stephanie: interesting 2013 without a budget would not produce an economic clamty. >> it's more of a claven. >> stephanie: it's more of a financial cliff claven. cheers, everybody. >> if memory serves, the umbilical cord is 90% potassium. >> stephanie: that's enough of that. what's that? >> if chimps were 32% slower, they would have better public relations. >> stephanie: hi, derick. >> caller: the only thing more ridiculous than the article that
6:44 am
jackies was talking my brother actually believe that is wholeheartedly. his wife is trained to be that he is the head of the household and she must ask his permission on any money she spends. it's crazy. i married a strong woman because i think it's a partnership and i love my wife. any time my wife speaks out of turn, he gives her the evil eye like aren't you supposed to be poking out babies in the kitchen? >> stephanie: he sounds like a dream. >> do that ear thing again. [ sonar beeping ] >> stephanie: a little is land, we have stuff just like that. we have speculated on this show previously did the bionic man make that sound when he had an erection. we had that question. out of curiosity what is the
6:45 am
sound? what's that i hear? honey, i'll be right in! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: call now 1-800-steph-1-2
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>> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. fifty minutes after the hour, 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere, richard from chicago hi. >> caller: you guys are great as always. the fox article that makes me laugh. i want and have a phenomenalle wife, a corporate executive. i run my own company. you want a partner that's going to be able to run with you. >> stephanie: oh, you're making me hot and straight all at once. >> caller: hey, bring it on. any guy that doesn't want to have an equal partner like that is a weak guy, nip. that's me. >> stephanie: don't you think sometimes it's a, i don't know whether you call it an ego thing or whatever, but if a guy let's face it, a lot of guys date hot messes, because they want to feel stronger and more together,
6:51 am
like they're a savior. >> caller: i'm here in chicago and see it all the time. i just see guys. >> stephanie: chicago's full of hot messes. >> caller: hot messes that could make a positive stew. >> stephanie: i'll come to chicago for some hot mess. [ laughter ]. all right. >> been responsible even as we remain firm on this point no tax increases now for spending cuts. it won't materialize later. the american people have seen that game before, and they won't be fooled again. >> stephanie: you lost! what is he talking about? i just love the way the point they're negotiating from. >> again the bush tax cuts were meant to expire two years ago. >> stephanie: because of the impact it would have on the deficit. senator harry reid. >> the senator has spoken and president obama has spoken. he's promised he will not sign any bill that mortgages our
6:52 am
future for hand outs to the wealthiest 2% of americans. i only hope the house members have been listening. >> hello then the president's carney child in. jay carney. >> some of of the comments you mentioned are welcome and they represent what we hope is a difference in tone and approach. >> stephanie: it's one thing to sound like your compromising on television and another thing to actually do something. nails it, nails it would you like the fun facts? >> absolutely. >> stephanie: the myth of the obama cave-in. i love john fugelsang but the joke he does about back ma makes folks scream. we disagree.
6:53 am
>> liberals are allowed to disagree. >> stephanie: no we're not they're loud to do what i say. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: with the cliff looming, the president capitulated during the last tax cut fight. i'll read the cogent parts to you. >> she's on a roll. >> stephanie: i'm on a roll. when the germans attacked pearl harbor, i'm on a roll. obama didn't wave the flag in 2010. he turned a faceoff into an opportunity to enact a second stimulus that he otherwise could not get past senate republicans. his failure was that he failed to convey to the world that he jujitsu's g.o.p.ers. did i say that right? ok.
6:54 am
>> jujitsu is different. >> brazilian. >> it's japanese. >> stephanie: different kind of bikini washing entirely. >> what? >> stephanie: brazilian wax. he goes back, the president caved and everybody repeats it. he said there's a lot of different facing involved back then. solidarity on the gop side but not the democrats. we didn't get a public option, because democrats get ascared. several democratic senate candidates told horary read and the white house they preferred not to vote on any legislation that kept the middle class tax cuts alive. they feared the gop would brand them, this is where the white house, the options at the time, there was -- they worried that
6:55 am
the gop was hell bent on winning this came of chicken tax cuts would end while unemployment was ending. they said the stimulus didn't work. people buy that. that is proveably not true. obama lost that message war. that's the one thing he is saying. white house aids were blunt we're going to have to give up on killing tax cuts for the rich. getting more for our people is more important than getting less for our people. any fight in december could
6:56 am
quite possibly only until a new congress came to town. he couldn't have gotten anything else done that he got done over don't ask don't tell. obama went after a deal. the package would extend the bush tax cut for two years extend the tax cuts for the wealthy. obama had won 238 of stimulus for yielding on 114 billion in high income tax cuts. he says clearly obama had gotten the better deal. the public had been seen this over tax cuts answered over that obama had not gotten what he
6:57 am
wanted. axelrod and other aids were not allowed to admit in public that the president had achieved a second stimulus. that's part of why the economy has gotten better and better and we've had all these months of job growth. corn finishes by saying what happened is not an indication that obama is likely to yield in a new faceoff but he will be assessing the dynamics in a new grid lock. that's not caving in, that's governing. much more as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." >> putting people out of work. >> stephanie: we need to get rid of all of them.
6:58 am
there will be lungs on every governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> stephanie: okay, here we go. we rehearsed this time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ today is your birthday ♪ jacki schechner's mom ♪ day ♪ e. yeah, how was that, jacki better? >> much better. >> stephanie: thank god, all right. and thank you, mrs. schechn er for giving us a delightful baby news girl. charlie pierce of esquire, what
6:59 am
an awesome show, and jackie speier, an entirely different person from jacki schechner, as it turns out. >> whose first words from, good morning everyone. >> stephanie: good morning everyone. this just in. i don't know what that meant jacki schechner, and i apologize. here she is in the current news center. >> good morning, everybody. i know what you're thinking, we never do any polls. you're in luck. we have a new poll. >> isn't that how she got it in the first place? >> stephanie: how? >> by her personal connections. >> stephanie: exactly. >> there wasn't a pageant. >> stephanie: south korea is easily tricked we know that. jackie schechner in the news center. >> be careful. [ laughter ] >> new jersey governor chris christie is planning to seek a second term. we know this, he has in you filed the papers necessary to start staffing us and raising money for a reelection campaign. he says there is more than a
7:00 am
year's work to do in the aftermath of superstorm sandy and the people of new jersey need to know he's committed to sticking with it. 95% of new jersey voters think that christie did either an excellent or good job responding to the storm and get this, his approval rating is now at 72% that is the highest ever recorded for a new jersey governor. so far no one has come forward to challenge kristie for the governor ship, but the democratic most often mentioned to fill that spot is new york mayor corey booker. he said his plans are on hold for the moment in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> according to politico, he said we work to shore up medicaid and social security but now is not the time to throw
7:01 am
those into the fiscal cliff negotiation. mitt said he is not going to accept things like privatizing medicare. we're back after the break. ♪ the future of one great nation. but only barely, because the sun was like, way in my grill. george mcclellan, the general, hands me his pair of foster grant sunglasses, and i could see! my wife, mary todd, found them so fetching. >> he looked so fine i started to call him babe-raham lincoln. >> i was like, mary, please. >> you look like a baby, a literal child. i bought a pair online, shipped to 115 main st., that's my gettysburg address. i'm funny. i find them to be affordable frames, of the people, for the people, and, not, by the people, that's part of this freedom thing. end slavery, let people buy awesome sunglasses. who's behind those foster
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7:05 am thank you for doing your part. >> stephanie: and beat bill press, thank you. >> that's the main thing. >> stephanie: six minutes after the hour, 1-800-steph-1-2. actor steven weber in hour number three and now you a story about a man tee. what? >> >> stephanie: a florida woman has been arrested for riding a man tee. she said she is new to the area and didn't realize it was against the law. there was not a sign saying do not ride the man tee. >> don't harass the manatee. >> stephanie: what's weirder than florida? germany. erotic zoos prompt germany to
7:06 am
rein state beastalty laws. apparently they've been off the books since 1969. >> interesting hmm. wow. 1969, dude. ♪ >> stephanie: the agriculture minister -- miniature -- he's a regular size. he's not even tall enough to ride a manatee. [ speaking german ] [ laughter ] >> stephanie: a law would make it illegal for people to use animals for sexual acts of their own activities or third parties. the daily mail ties this decision to the recent rise of erothic zoos where people can --
7:07 am
♪ >> stephanie: where people can visit. >> no! germans are freaks! >> stephanie: well, they can visit to have sex with animals ranging from llamas to goats. >> ok, well, of course. llamas also kick and spit. good luck with that. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: they like 'em feisty. >> i guess so! well, you couldn't reallile wear a cup. >> that defeats the purpose. >> stephanie: it's just weird. the new law would focus on so called animal brothels and make it illegal to train animals for humans. wow! now i understand sprockets touching the monkey inappropriately. >> no, touch him. he likes it. >> it's like a sexual petting zoo that they rent out? >> stephanie: they're called
7:08 am
erotic zoos. just wrong. nine, i say nine. >> what's wrong with germany? >> stephanie: what's wrong with germany, jim? >> also public parks there, you can sun bathe completely naked right? >> just one in munich where that's happened. ok in british, english gardens i think. >> might as well be san francisco. >> stephanie: i think the animals need to be wearing underpants for protection. you know where else freaks live? in right wing world. [ circus music ] >> we have to decide what kind of country with he want. many americans are depressed at
7:09 am
this traditional america seems to be disappearing. now president obama has a second term. he's going to spend an enormous amount of money on social justice and he's going to take money away from successful americans in order to finance his vision. could be wrong but i don't think that's going to help the economy he very much. however, the president is going to do the social justice thing no matter what. >> stephanie: no justice no peace. his show is exclusively for cranky old white people, isn't it? >> pretty much. >> send them back to where they came from. >> stephanie: eventually, it will just be john mccain watching just old white men. all right. sean hannity. >> stop you at every turn! there it is! you know at my age the mind
7:10 am
starts playing tricks. [ scream ] >> where were we? >> with the fiscal cliff in sight, it appears the democrats smell blood in the water. as you know, if a deal is not reached by january 1 a series of defense budget cuts will take hold and massive tacker hikes will hit each and every american. we've seen democrats from the president on down using the so-called crisis to ram their leftwing agenda down your throat. they want bigger taxes bigger government. >> sean hannity seems to be obsessed with things rammed down your throat. >> election you lost. ok. they're not massive tax increases by the by. >> 2% of americans to pay their fair share.
7:11 am
>> stephanie: like sean hannity. sean hannity says. >> no, no, no, no, no,. >> stephanie: it's just milk money. ok. >> one thing about going over the cliff, it would remind people of the cost of government, like your financial advisor says stop paying with a credit card and pay catch for once and you'll get a feel of what things cost. >> stephanie: let's not discount everything what he says your financial advisor. that would show you how much you're out of touch because most people don't have. >> a financial advisor. >> stephanie: when you're financial advisor says. >> to your accountant, what? >> stephanie: fine 9% of americans are what? >> let me talk to my business manager and team of lawyers. they all agreed that i should
7:12 am
get out of yeah, stocks and into whatever. >> stephanie: whatever, ok, joe scarborough. >> i love people being successful in this country. if you're making billions of dollars, again there's some immoral about these people paying 14, 15, 16% of their taxes because the tax rates are the way they are while small business owners who, you know, make $250,000 a year and may employ four or five people are paying 35% tax rate. >> was that joe scarborough making sense? >> what happened. >> stephanie: what is happening? >> did he get a bump on the head. >> stephanie: what's happening? did you see that oh, he's going to be all over right wing word tomorrow. he called for a minimum tax on the wealthy. >> what? >> stephanie: i was waiting for you to say it, outrageous.
7:13 am
>> outrageous, i won't say it. >> stephanie: warren buffet calls for a minimum tax on the wealthiest americans suggesting 30% of tackerrable income between $1 million and $10 million. >> outrageous, i won't pay it. ♪ >> stephanie: why is it the simplest solutions are always best. it's like here you go. >> he's a very smart man. >> stephanie: somebody else, i can't remember, some other billionaire guy yesterday. >> it was jimmy buffet. >> stephanie: he says i make a gazillion dollars more than the average person, i don't guy a gazillion% more. >> they are not contributing to the economy because they already have everything. >> stephanie: right.
7:14 am
>> people in the middle class buy refrigerators and cars. >> stephanie: he was saying i have three cars, he's a multi-billionaire, i go out to dinner and buy like most men a few pairs of pants a year, go out to dinner once in a while. he can't spend at the same rate. >> that sounds like the plot of brewster's millions, remember that movie, richard pryor where he had 30 days to spend. >> stephanie: and he couldn't do it, could he, chris. >> i don't know if he did or not. >> stephanie: the point is anything with richard pryor was awesome. >> a rich man bought richard pryor as a toy for his son. >> stephanie: a little borderline racist. >> a little bit little bit. >> stephanie: those might have been in the drug years like ok, that sounds good, i'll do that. >> i know, i'll set myself on
7:15 am
fire. >> stephanie: contain get the money in cash? good ok. wait, i play a black person that's owned by someone else? ok. that seems funny. all right. >> i think i went to go see it in the theater. >> stephanie: i think i did too. ok grover norquist. >> there have been some folks whose pictures you put up there some of them have engaged in i am pure thoughts. >> stephanie: oh, no. >> cantor and boehner want revenues from economic growth. i want that, all americans should want that. if we were growing at reagan rates instead of obama rates we'd have 10 million people working and a lot more revenue in the cougher. let's get more revenue through growth. >> stephanie: oh my god seriously and they signed these pledges what, 20 years ago? seriously, this guy just scrape him off your shoe. >> everybody who signed the pledge including peter king who tried to weasel out of it, shame
7:16 am
on him as the new york sun said today. >> new york sun? >> understands that commitments last a little longer than two years or something. >> oh, you're comparing your stupid little pledge to his marriage to his wife. oh, i see. what? all right you're really priceless, grover, grover, grover, grover. ♪ >> yeah, he he's going off the deep end getting personal like that. i'm for getting rid of p.b.s. if it gets rid of grover. >> stephanie: kids, what's fun in one word? soda stream, right? >> yeah. >> stephanie: fun! wow! there was a lot of annoying kids in that commercial. it's a new way to enjoy soda
7:17 am
made at home in less than 30 seconds. right? it took a lot longer than that to get to the park off the transit. >> fun? that's what they said at that german zoo. >> stephanie: stop it. [buzzer] >> stephanie: it's the ultimate holiday gift. seriously, everybody loves it, moms dads, kids, teenagers. >> even kids with chicken pox. >> stephanie: kids that climb on rocks. stop with the childhood commercials. it transfers soda in seconds. it's a great looking new machine. there's a fast and easy snap on. >> sorry what? >> stop it! >> stephanie: you fill the bottle with cold water push the button to carbonate add your favorite choice of flavor. >> how many flavors are there a lot? >> a lot. >> oh, my god, how many? >> stephanie: wow 60, over 60,
7:18 am
regular, diet, all natural energy. >> do they have brands i've heard of? >> crystal light that's my favorite! i don't spin this much to drink regular. i drink crystal light. they are better for you flavors with no high fructose corn syrup or as par tame. >> right! >> stephanie: it's like 25 cents a can if you have it. do it! check it out at bed bath and beyond macy's khol's. >> fun wow! >> stephanie: is it time for a next vacation. >> we're going to be punchy the entire month of december. >> stephanie: it's been a long election. right back on the "stephanie
7:19 am
miller show." >> announcer: on the "stephanie miller show" in suburban america this morning. ♪
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ñ ♪ >> stephanie: yeah, oh, yeah, it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 25 minutes after the hour, 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number. sharon in illinois, hi.
7:23 am
>> caller: about 20 minutes ago martha maccallum announced that republicans said that democrats have to get going on giving up on what they want or something. it was a strange comment. i just heard it like 20 minutes ago, but the comment i want to talk about is i heard the biggest card, religious card on the hannity show, about how people he spun something a comedian did or said, misinterpreted it and said the democrats were worshiping obama now, you could tell, he spun it and didn't even understand. it was weird. >> oh, yeah, that's because jamie fox. >> stephanie: he called obama our lord and savior. it was a joke, sean. a joke. >> sean notoriously known for his sense of humor. >> stephanie: yes, that's right. >> i'm a literalist, really? am i? wow! >> stephanie: ok.
7:24 am
>> i take everything seriously? do i? am i gullible? really? hmm. >> stephanie: yes in fact, yes you are. susan rice, meeting this morning with grumpy. >> policy, policy! >> stephanie: ok. julia, our good friend julie in seattle tweeted rice meeting with vile senators who used her as a politicalle chew toy. >> when she comes over, if she does, there will be a lot of questions asked of her about this event and others. >> stephanie: ok. ok. >> hmm. >> stephanie: come on up to the big house and answer the questions. >> missy. >> stephanie: ok. >> don't you give us any lip. >> stephanie: jay carney. >> the comments, appreciate them as the president has said and i and others have said, ambassador rice has done an excellent job at the united nations and is
7:25 am
highly qualified for any number of positions in the policy arena. >> you think? >> stephanie: i think. carl in nashville you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi carl. >> caller: hi be you guys and ronald reagan is not their lord and savior? blessed be his name. listen guys, you know, they don't get it. they don't understand, and they haven't learned the lessons from the last election. president obama won and he doesn't have to do jack squat. see the difference between now and two years ago is they don't hold anything. they don't hold unemployment over their heads. they don't have the first responders, they held that over his head, as well. they those chips anymore. i tell you this right here, if
7:26 am
witch face himself set up a meeting with president obama eric cantor and said we are going to put obamacare on the table. president obama need to stand up look him in his soulless eyes speak firmly but softly with a southern accent and say sir, you are out of your [bleep] mind. >> stephanie: look at you with your own box! carl, did you see lincoln? >> caller: yes, i did. >> stephanie: he needs to do that scene where lincoln stands up all 7'9" of him and says i'm the president of the united states. ♪ >> stephanie: i don't know what he says. >> i need to see that. >> stephanie: i'm just saying. >> i hear it's good. >> we won the civil war. >> spoiler alert! >> when's there going to be a sequel? all right, 29 minutes. he gets shot. oh i'm sorry. >> spoiler alert! >> stephanie: 29 minutes after
7:27 am
the hour. ♪ >> ted nugent. so sad when they try to buddy up unleashed, joy behar. >> on my next show, debbie mazar and gabriel corcos talk tuskin cooking. and there better be snacks, just sayin'.
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7:31 am
♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> the one place in town no cameras can see you and no laws can touch you. >> stephanie: welcome to 34 minutes after the hour. wow, are our listeners good. some fragment of my child hood came back where i remembered the commercial that said over to know? wow! what's it for. >> fantasy island, an amusement park in buffalo.
7:32 am
>> fun? wow! fantasy island, good, clean fun! >> stephanie: thank you patricia. ok, that was it. where does one find that that quickly. >> stephanie: that commercial played endlessly. no wonder i'm so crazy! [cuckoo clock chimes] >> stephanie: speaking of to know, wow! ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: charlie pierce, columnist for >> whys everyone always laughing with me? >> stephanie: hello charlie pierce. >> caller: i wish i had had an
7:33 am
amusement park near my house when i grew up. i would have loved the adrien barbeau ride. >> stephanie: that was the most elegant ringing of an he joke i ever heard. >> caller: it's one i borrowed extensively through my sorry ass career. >> stephanie: we have been talking about the fiscal. >> caller: gentle fiscal incline. >> financial cliff claven. >> caller: can i say that's a handsome jim picture on the war page? i didn't know he liked classical guitarist. >> stephanie: that was jim playing the guitar at my house on thanksgiving. he's handsome. i ordered in. >> caller: you ordered in thanksgiving?
7:34 am
>> yes! >> caller: class! >> stephanie: i am not a proper woman. ok. >> she doesn't cook. >> stephanie: a little, sometimes, sort of. >> caller: does she at least defrost? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: listen not since the thanksgiving, you remember wanda my equally domestically impaired friend, she put the turkey together with nails. [ laughter ] >> what was the year you had to truss the turkey with mint dental floss. >> stephanie: you think i would learn to get string. >> caller: you're supposed to truss up the lamb with mint dental floss. >> stephanie: oh that's it. my bad. [ laughter ] >> >> stephanie: let me make this into confetti. >> caller: i guess we have to talk about the political events of the week and upcoming grand bargain. >> stephanie: you say it won't
7:35 am
make up for the indecent campaign against max clayland. >> caller: i am begging people not to by this we're all getting together to not pay attention to grover norquist anymore scam. it's all based on doing away with entitlements. they just want some cover and they're getting it, by the way. >> stephanie: from the stupid mainstream media. you say new tax revenues is a dodge to keep from looking at the top rate. this is the old close the loophole scam which will fall hardest on the americans who can't afford tax lawyers. >> caller: the upper 5% are going to be closed for five minutes and they'll find new ones. that's why they pay their tax
7:36 am
plower. >> stephanie: dismantling the social safety net in return. you write this great piece. it sounds like he knows you as much as he anoise me. >> caller: i like to be fair and i don't like to leave out bob schieffer. this last week was such a lap dons on the entire press it cries out. i don't know if anybody else was appalled as it as i was. >> stephanie: my favorite line-- >> caller: i'm surprised al sharpton didn't pull the pie from under the desk and start throwing it at people. >> stephanie: he has failed at
7:37 am
everything, pretty much. >> caller: she's the queen of sales. she was a terrible c.e.o., although she got rich by being a terrible c.e.o., god bless america. she is a terrible candidate and a terrible pundit. >> stephanie: you're right. what makes me crazy is they start from the wrong premise. the first question after the president's electoral land slide is do you think the president should bring in mitt romney to help negotiate the fiscal cliff. >> caller: everybody on the nbc set had an ensam bell scooby doo moment. the latest photos of mitt look like he's very relaxed. >> stephanie: that looked a little creepy, he was hanging on ann. >> caller: they look like a great burden has been lifted from his shoulders.
7:38 am
[ laughter ]. they can go back to being he'dless rich people again put this public service nonsense aside. >> stephanie: one of my reader writes obamacare on the table so are the top marge national tax rates of the eisenhower administration then. seriously. >> caller: you really to give them credit for being able to brazen their way through. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: they got their heads handed to them. absent gerrymandering, they lose both houses of congress and yet they still have the audacity to dictate materials. it's amazing to me. >> stephanie: where are you on this hole patty murray thing it's not a cliff it's a slope? >> caller: i tend -- for me, it's when in doubt listen to k
7:39 am
krugman. he says you can go over it with relatively little harm. i side with him. i do think it's been a ginned up crisis. if it's a crisis at all because congress refused to do its job last year. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: i do think when you start talking about, you know, doing entitlement reform as kind of a blood sacrifice just because that's a way you can get a few republicans onboard to support, you know, some restriction on the boot near money of the richest people in the country you've already made a bad deal. social security shouldn't be in this discussion, anymore than auctioning off the stuff in the white house should be. >> stephanie: social security proveably does not add to the deficit, it is not part of the discussion. >> caller: but it is part of the discussion. when you hear somebody talk about entitlement reform, they're not just talking about
7:40 am
medicaid. that's the price they're asking. they're asking for it as kind of a bribe to get them to do what they should do in the first place. >> stephanie: what i'm saying is carney said yesterday that social security is not a part of this because it does not add to the deficit. i thought i had the sound byte. >> caller: if we get inches from a deal and the last is changing the price index on social security, you don't think the white house will do that? they almost did it last year. >> stephanie: it's hard to say. >> caller: the great question i have right now is whether or not the white house is as hungry for a deal at any cost this year as they apparently were last year. i don't think they are. >> stephanie: i disagree. i don't know if you red david corn's piece. i was quoting it today in the myth of the obama cave in last time in mother jones. >> caller: i don't think it was a cave in so much as they got saved from themselves. they were willing to do things. >> stephanie: they got a
7:41 am
stimulus out of it that they wouldn't have gotten. it's the media messaging. >> caller: oh, no, i think he would have done things. i mean, there's a video up on digby's blog today saying we're going to have to do things to make the base angry. i don't think they want to deal at any cost anymore. >> stephanie: and they don't have to, i don't think. i don't think they have to. let's get to this, your supreme court thing i think it's great. i was wondering you calmed me down. i was wondering if i needed to be concerned about supreme court allows for evangelical challenge to federal birth control mandate. what you say basically is this is not the going to happen, right? >> caller: all the legal opinions that i've been able to reach say that very likely it's going to get thrown out. the supreme court insisted that the appeals court look at it again. the appeals court will look at it again, and then throw it out. the question is whether the supreme court would take it up if it rose to their level. i don't think they will.
7:42 am
but if they do, i'm really worried, because i mean, we have a serious conservative catholic block on that court right now. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: as i think i pointed out, the thing about the affordable care act is that it was so jerry rigged, there are thousands of little ways to attack it while it's in court and as we're seeing in the states. i think the appeals court will throw out the case again and i don't think the supreme court will take it up, because i don't think they want to step back into that morass, but i'm not going to believe that until i see it. >> stephanie: we were saying this morning eric cantor's on t.v. saying president obama should put obamacareen oh the table. two weeks ago john boehner said it's the law of the land. they're all over the place. >> caller: they don't know what to do with their caucuses. i think what cantor said was probably a way a placate the really crazy people. the president is never going to agree to do that. >> stephanie: of course not. >> caller: i have my doubt about the president's, you know, about
7:43 am
how seriously he wants to make a deal. he's not going to mess with that. i mean that's a deal, i mean if there is a deal-breaker, that's it. he has no reason to. >> stephanie: exactly. >> caller: i mean, if there was one issue that was lit gated in the last campaign, it was the affordable care act. >> stephanie: exactly. thank god for you with that i don't need blood pressure medication. after i watch meet the press i read your synopsis of it and say yes, that's what i was saying and everything is back to northerlial. >> caller: it was horrific. having the guy from honey well who doesn't think we should have corporate income taxes at all. was the phone number of every labor leader in america busy? >> as the corporation don't use any goods and services that the
7:44 am
government provides. >> caller: carly simon -- when 18,000 people were laid off none of them went on food starches or unemployment. wal-mart deliberately fashions a salary scale taking into account government programs. >> stephanie: we were just talking yesterday he about the hostess story blame the unions, when it's clearly they raided union pension funds to give their c.e.o.'s salary while they're in bankruptcy. >> caller: they couldn't put together multi-grain twinkies? we're americans, we can use our imaginations. >> they did not innovate for 60 years. >> stephanie: exactly. >> caller: by the way just as a matter of historical record, you know who you can blame for the cream filling?
7:45 am
>> stephanie: who? >> caller: hitler. >> they switched from a banana cream village to the vanilla because bananas were in short supply after the war. >> caller: they were using the banana boats for convoy duty in england and russia. they in vented whatever that is. >> stephanie: jim, i can't believe you missed this. >> caller: you can blame hitler. >> stephanie: i blamed can't da before now. charlie pierce, love you see you next week. >> caller: have a were you familiar day. >> i don't know why i know that fact. hitler hostess. >> i would love to try a twinkie with a banana filling. >> you missed your chance. >> because i didn't get screamed at in. iing class. >> stephanie: you didn't get up this early to compromise. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:46 am
his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: this hour brought to you by go to meeting the way to meet and collaborate with your team on line. you can present from your ipad, try it free for 30 days. click on the try free button, type in the promo code, stephanie. >> you use it all the time. >> stephanie: yes, i do. 1-800-steph-1-2 toll free from anywhere. hi, paul. >> caller: good morning steph.
7:51 am
>> stephanie: good morning, go ahead. >> caller: listen, i've been a democratic all my life. i'm disabled now. i worked on democratic campaigns. i'm an activist, enthusiastic activist, but i want to tell you something. if the democrats and president obama decide i have the same concerns that charlie pierce does if they put entitlements on the table and don't raise the corporations pay taxes to make the wealthiest pay more taxes, i am going to vote the green party from now on. i will not get involved with the democratic party ever again. it's democrats and liberals that get these people elected. i love alan gray son elizabeth warren. i hope the progressive voices are heard if not i'm green party from now on. >> stephanie: i hear you. so far, i like what i hear
7:52 am
coming from the white house they are calling their bluff their fiscal bluff as we might call it. they're saying closing loopholes, that's not the same, i don't what sounds you're making on television or meet the press, it's not the same. >> bob corker the latest republican to back off the pledge. >> i'm not obligated on the pledge. i made tennesseans aware i'm honoring the oath that i take when i serve when i'm sworn in this january. >> stephanie: to which you might say yay however eric cantor talking about the pledge, as well. >> i will tell you when i go to the constituents that have elected me, it is not about that pledge. it really is about trying to solve problems. we're going to do that in the name of trying to fix the problem to respond to the electorate that reelected this president, but at the same time, we say we weren't elected to raise taxes. we want to go and help people
7:53 am
get back to work. >> stephanie: yeah, you were, actually. oh, 56% say this is the latest cnn poll, 56% say tax on wealthy people should be kept high. the election is over. they have lost, they've lost that debate. americans not feeling good about the fiscal cliff, two thirds say it's a major problem but say washington will behave like spoiled children. they said if we go off the fiscal cliff republicans will be to blame. i hope the democrats realize how much stronger position they're actually in. >> right. >> stephanie: not just because of the election, because of polling, all of it. i love this, mitch mcconnell. fill busters would poison party relations. they've been going so well.
7:54 am
>> there's the graph again of how many republicans republicans have actually -- when i say unprecedented, you need to spoil at a bipartisan unity we've been enjoying. >> that's a graph that's going up. >> stephanie: is it? thank you. >> you're welcome. >> stephanie: check that out. >> stephanie: jonathan chase new york magazine, our liberal future, how doomed are conservatives? pretty doomed if you look at the research close analysis. the youth vote in 2012, republicans long term dilemma has generally been framed in racial terms but mainly it's a generational one. young voters supported president obama that seemed to go beyond the usual reasons and suggest a deeper attachment to liberalism. [ scream ] >> what? >> >> stephanie: younger voters may
7:55 am
signify a sea change, 39% to 57% of voters under 30 say the government should do more to solve problems. [ scream ] >> stephanie: oh no! when all the suggestions that we may soon see a political landscape as unrecognizably liberal! [ scream ] >> what? >> stephanie: oh, sean hannity i can feel it. he has the shakes and sweats right now. [ applause ] >> stephanie: lots more to talk about, actor extraordinaire will join us live as we continue on the "stephanie miller show."
7:56 am
governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> stephanie: hello current t.v. land. jackie schechner. >> i have gotten powers from the words that be that my article will be up momentarily. i'll give it to you guys, you can put it on the facebook page, tweet it out. by carrier pigeon. >> stephanie: seems to me the fox girls article is insulting to men. we need men to be more weak and stopped too find them
7:57 am
attractive. few things make a man feel more masculine than to see a woman -- >> that's what you and i call like a tuesday right? >> stephanie: crush ago beer can on your skull will not get you there. the highly marriageable jackie schechner. >> president obama is asking for another round of stimulus this morning, proposing that we give $25 billion in tax breaks to small,s that hire new workers or pay their workers more. the companies would get a refund up to $500,000. the republicans rejected previous proposal. it has emerged again. the white house post said this
7:58 am
is the president's first election proposal to spur more economic growth. >> susan rice has just met with senator mccain. he said he has 50 unanswered questions about the september 11 attack on our consulate in benghazi. as we wait to find out if anything emerged from this meeting that rice had with the three senators, a new poll shows that a majority of the public does not think the obama administration is hiding anything when it comes to benghazi. 54% of people surveyed are not happy with how the administration handled its response to the attack but say it's not because they think there's any sort of cover up. most think the administration was simply conveying the best information it had at the time. and finally in lucky for us news, rick santorum is saying he is open to another run for president in 2016.
7:59 am
he tells the weekly standard there is a fight right now for the conservative soul of the republican party and he is not backing down. i say go ahead and run. we're back after the break. >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot.
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what the current audience can expect from my show is the unexpected. >>stephanie miller challenges the system, now it's your turn. >>it's a little bit of magic. >>connect with "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at and on twitter at smshow. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show." >> stephanie: oh, yes, it is, 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number. hello, steven weber actor
8:03 am
extraordinaire, live in studio with us. >> caller: great to be here. i'm wearing a suit! >> stephanie: i know, what's going on? >> caller: it's like a full body toupee. you just put it on, you look younger. take it off you look like requiem for a dream. >> stephanie: nicely done. we've not seen you since the election. >> caller: what happened? >> stephanie: it's happy clappy time. >> caller: what happened? i slept through it. it's all very good isn't it. it's fascinating how the gop continues to use the one tool in its bag the hammer to fix everything. it feels they can only exist in a world of their own creation. >> a world. >> caller: so they keep ginning up these crisis and using hyper bowl. >> stephanie: in a not so
8:04 am
perfect world. >> stephanie: susan rice goes to meet with mccain and lindsey graham and now they're blasting her. she literally did the talking points the intelligence community gave her. i don't understand the controversy. >> caller: they only do one thing and they've done it from the beginning of obama's, you know presidency. they just have to, the chew toy is a very apt metaphor. they must never let go. they don't know anything about subtlety and it's sad. it holds the hole legislative procedure hostage. >> stephanie: it seems to make them really mad it's supposed to be a game but they won't give up. >> caller: it keeps their teeth white, though. >> stephanie: right.
8:05 am
steven weber is starring in lips together teeth apart right here in los angeles. >> caller: los angeles theater works, that's right a gorgeous play december 6-9. it's for radio theater of the mind. it's a gorgeous play. it's -- i won't go into it except that it is beautiful and funny, and very pertinent. >> stephanie: well, i was going to say it takes place in the allen beach house a brother and sister, their respective spouses gathering for the fourth of july and hilarity ensues. >> caller: it's a house one of the owners brothers died in. it has beautifully written dialogue. again, it is funny and it is
8:06 am
ruminative and sad and provocative. >> stephanie: in a magical one degree of separation. christy miller once returned my dog to me. she's so tall, i just saw a head over my gate. i was like really, tall pretty woman here with my dog. >> caller: just with her verge hands. [ laughter ] >> like a backhoe. she picked up a large st. bernard with one hand. >> hey lady, here's your dog. >> caller: powerful and sexy? she is awesome. that sounds like a powerhouse duo. >> caller: come one come owl. maybe cliff claven will make an appearance. >> the people are in sane. >> stephanie: we have decided to call it the fiscal cliff claven. >> caller: that's just an example of another kind of
8:07 am
hyperbole that this faction uses to make them relevant. right? it allows them to operate in that atmosphere that they've created. >> stephanie: right. it is actually like a cliff claven argument. it's like how about if we do mitt romney's plan? >> what's that all about? >> caller: certainly no. >> stephanie: by the way, we were just talking about jonathan chase's piece about how the generations are screwed. they think it's bad now, it's going to get worse for republicans. for old homophobic republicans. >> caller: all their actions since obama's been elected although know is almost borderline insane approach to this country. the weird thing is that almost half of the country buys into
8:08 am
it. this is the kind of thing that works. >> stephanie: their strategy seems to be insult half the company and try to prevent those people from voting. they just admitted that voter suppression was the goal of the new laws. >> caller: it's so easy to be homophobic easy to be prejudice, bullying, it requires a lot more effort to be subtle and live in the gray area that our country and that all the issues have evolved into. >> he said, sad tired wearing a suit. >> stephanie: thanks to reduced early voting hours voter purges voter restrictions, in a report now in the palm beach post several prominent florida republicans are now admitting these election laws were geared toward suppressing minority and democratic votes. >> shocking. >> stephanie: yes well, shocking to some degree that
8:09 am
some republicans admitted it, i think. scott's administration said the new laws were meant to curb in-person voter fraud. >> caller: it's the same kind of audacity of saying and doing things that are so obviously geared towards suppressing the vote or anything. it's so obvious that it's almost -- people are shocked. the opposition is too shocked to call it what it is. they try to give it some credibility when it has none. >> stephanie: one republican consultant confirmed that in flu entell consultants in florida were in tent on beating back the democratic turnout after they saw what happened in 2008. the consultant has to remain anonymous said black voters were a concern. the cutting out of the sunday before election day was a target because that's when black churches organize themselves. >> caller: it's a very
8:10 am
worthwhile cause if you have to bully and suppress to get your agenda across. >> stephanie: rather than come up with policies for constituents, it's how about keeping those people from voting. i think it blew up in their face this time. >> caller: do you like my suit? >> i do. you're so handsome. >> caller: i like your hat. >> stephanie: people listening on the radio are like i want to see his suit. >> caller: it's theater of the mind. >> stephanie: karen you're on. >> caller: you kind of stole my thing that i was going to say i think we should stop calling it a fiscal cliff and call it the fiscal bluff. >> stephanie: i'm sorry. caught me. caught me. >> there's a road in the fiscal bluff. >> stephanie: you're on with steven. >> caller: howdy everybody.
8:11 am
i remember you on wings too by the way. >> thanks. >> stephanie: well join the club. >> actually my favorite, i watch the reruns. my question is this, how can a guy named grover have so much power over these republicans? >> stephanie: yeah, that's what i mean, one republican said this was a pledge for a congress that was 20 years ago. why are people still pretending it or he is rely at this point? >> hello there! he does grover impressions too. >> i'm grover. >> stephanie: he's delightful. he just is. by the way one other magical degree of stephanie miller separation a couple of weeks ago, i got an email from amy she likes watching the beach she says. >> who doesn't? she does it beautifully.
8:12 am
didn't the daily show do a section on grover norquist that he came up with this whole pledge idea when he was like in the seventh great. he literally did. >> stephanie: that's the kind of reasoning. go do this, mad. >> stop, don't pay her now and everything gets better. >> i guess his father was an anti tax activist and beat it into his son and grover is moving on. >> stephanie: sounds like he needs to beat a pillow with a tennis racket to deal with some of his daddy issues. >> dad why did you do this to me? >> stephanie: clint in florida. >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: hi, go ahead. >> caller: i'd like to say that i could probably make a fortunate selling chastity belts in germany. i'd be a lesser person without
8:13 am
my wife. she is very strong. i need someone to, you know, shut me up when i say something or do something wrong. i need somebody to challenge me. >> stephanie: hot right? >> caller: i saw exactly what this woman's talking about. my entire family's like that. i just refuse to participate. >> stephanie: that like promise keeper kind of stuff, right? >> caller: exactly. i mean, the husbands would sit down and wait for the wives to make them a plate of food at dinner and witch of them if there was too much or not enough of one thing just to make them go back again. it's just ridiculous. >> stephanie: that's a fabulous story. >> heart warming. >> men are almost obsolete now. we don't necessarily need them to hunt and gather. we don't need them to pro create. >> stephanie: i need them. >> you need furniture moved
8:14 am
occasionally, you need toilets unblocked and that's about it. >> and kill the oh occasional spider. >> don't kill spiders. >> stephanie: that's a liberal man. 17 minutes after the hour. kids, go to meeting, i can't say enough about it. you know, i don't want to mention names, anything else, the audio and video quality? no. go to meeting crystal clear quality. tog meeting with h.d. faces. i'm brave enough at my age to be seen in h.d., you can too. we express so much in person with the raise of an eyebrow. i know what that means. >> the flare of aeneas industrial. >> i have to take my jacket off. >> you can see that in crystal here h.d. >> my every crevice. >> stephanie: you can meet
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ >> stephanie: steven weber's here. steven weber's here, actor extraordinaire. he is in live together, teeth apart. >> caller: yep. >> stephanie: here in l.a. >> caller: everybody try that at home lips together, teeth apart. >> stephanie: what does that mean? >> caller: it's an exercise people do before they sleep to prevent them from grinding their teeth. >> stephanie: good to know. >> caller: ground down tiny little nubs. >> stephanie: got it. >> you're welcome.
8:20 am
>> stephanie: stop bashing obama and ruining our family name. dad! stop that. >> you're embarrassing me. >> stephanie: according to the news his three eldest children held a preelection meeting to tell him to tone down his anti obama rhetoric. they said he's always been out spoken and likes attention. dad, we know you're an attention whore and all can you shut your pie hole? trump denyion the existence have any such meeting, of course, saying the rumors are completely untrue, it's a huge lie. >> huge, huge, huge lie. the kids love me. hugely. >> stephanie: i tend to believe it. >> you're fired. >> stephanie: you're fired at my children. i tend to believe it don't you? he is the douche that's ruining the trump name. >> he's ryaning the trump name.
8:21 am
>> the fine trump name. he managed to lose money at a casino. that's really hard to do. >> it is an incredible story what he's managed to create, but yeah, i guess people -- >> but you have to be such a douche ball doing it. >> in his case, i guess you do. >> warren buffet hasn't been a douche and he's amassed a hike fortune. you trump bag. >> stephanie: john in ohio, you're on with steven weber. hi john. >> caller: hi, stephanie, how are you? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: i don't get to see your show very often. i'm sick today so i'm watching. >> stephanie: i'm sorry, am i making it worse? >> caller: making it much better. having a much better day. >> i can come up and rub some vick's vapo rub on your chest if you're feeling congested. >> caller: that's a swell idea, but i think i'll be ok. i wanted to make a quick comment
8:22 am
and i had a question about this fox article you were talking about. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: i thought i grew up in the 60's and 70's and i thought we were making really good progress toward the equality until really like this congress game in in 2010, and then it seems like we're litigating it all over again. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: i -- my wife and i got married in 1976, and i don't believe that we would have made it this far if we hadn't been partners the whole time. i mean, it never would have happened. and that's my comment. >> stephanie: i think john, partnership means a different thing for everybody. that's what marriage is. everybody is free to make up an idea of how a partnership works. this article was basically blaming women for men not wanting to get married because we're too, i don't know, we're too independent, something. >> you know why because you've
8:23 am
forsaken the bustle, the use of the bustle. bring the bustle back. [ laughter ] >> caller: put the bustle back. >> listen to me very carefully put the candle back! >> in the bustle. >> on the bustle. >> stephanie: steven weber, you are married i'm guessing mrs. weber is probably equally as awesome as mr. weber. >> she is way more awesome. her name is juliette and she's an amazing remarkable woman who is barely putting up with me. >> stephanie: the sound of a thousand, a million hearts breaking in america. >> well, we'll see. >> stephanie: frank in l.a., you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi frank. >> caller: hi, you know, nothing irritates me more than when people say they are going to vote for the green party. not that i hate the green party but they're splitting the vote and they don't understand it. the republicans hold their nose
8:24 am
right down the line and win election. there's a minority party in this country. they don't understand that you can't get 100% of what you want and you can't get anything unless you're elected. because the naderites voted for him. the trick was for john ellis the first cousin of bush said that gore won and naderites said the vote for nader, gore was winning. they told a big lie. >> stephanie: and also, they didn't count the votes. there's that. >> ended up in chunks in the bottom of swamps. >> stephanie: in camaros of friends of jeb bush. ♪
8:25 am
>> stephanie: i had to it different news stories. we'll be right back. "the stephanie miller show." right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
8:26 am
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ >> based on her text, she's dirty, dyslexic and wants to 96 me. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: smiley face. ok, 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 toll free from everywhere. steven weber. dear steph please tell mr. weber i would go back to wearing a bustle to hide my fat ass. by the way it takes a lot lot of planning to pee when you're in a
8:30 am
bustle. >> stephanie: did you see the half from two and a half men? >> i heard. >> stephanie: he's become religious and tells us to stop watching that filth, two and a half men. >> he makes $250,000 a week. i just heard it on the radio. >> on the wireless. >> on the wireless, on the blue network. angus! angus! get the ferris wheel back on the flat bed angus. angus, come along with me, stephanie! yes, and we'll capture us some
8:31 am
sandanistas. >> stephanie: also an old-fashioned word. ok. christian church said if you watch two and a half men, please stop. i'm on it and i don't want to be on it. please stop watching it, you're filling your heads with filth. >> how's it going to be on set when he has to go back and finish the season? it's the second most popular show in syndication after the other -- >> stephanie: they're probably having a meeting with him couldn't you just be into blowing hookers really? >> testimonial, two and a half men. >> stephanie: steven weber's just loopy. >> very dangerous. my upper joints are slipping out. for $350 a week, i'd get a good pair of choppers made, yes.
8:32 am
[ laughter ] >> stephanie: steven, is there incarceration insurance for you on your various television projects? liz and dick tried to get incarceration insurance on lindsey lohan. the producers said i want the best for lindsey but they have to know that making a movie with her is like jumping out of an airplane with a sewing machine building a parachute as fast as you can. >> sounds like something i would write, it's metaphor crazy. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i think the fight for marriage equality is over, because god has spoken in the voice of morgan freeman. >> what's he saying? he had a commercial indicating
8:33 am
the wind is at our back and the journey has just begun. mick jagger, horrified by elderly fans. one showed a naked photograph of herself. >> i don't want to see that. horrible. >> stephanie: greeted about i a gray-haired grandmother who had a photograph she wanted him to see. >> somebody stopped paying the gavety bill. >> stephanie: it's her lying on a bed naked with her legs. she was scrappy and a little bit softy. >> all the flesh becomes braided together and meshed. >> oh! >> oh, sorry. too resoluting for you.
8:34 am
[buzzer] >> stephanie: that was really, really dirty and really funny. >> you know that song? >> yes, of course i do. >> oh, you don't. >> i was once in a steam room with charlie watts. it was horrible. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: twitter is made for the likes of steven weber because he's -- you said to me years before we met him he is so hilarious. his tweets are so random. >> they are random. i was saying that i'm off the tweet box now. it was too much, it proved too much for me. >> can you take chris brown with you? >> no. >> he has a battle with jen. >> i johnson the comedy writer. >> stephanie: brown was nothing but respectful, gawker tells us, offering among other things to let her [bleep] >> really? >> stephanie: yeah.
8:35 am
>> on her eye? >> look, if you have a stay, that is an old wive's you're. it's like a poultice. >> caller: i was calling about the fiscal clop. i feel like the republicans may not go about saying it, but i believe they're going to try to make more on the president's second term intentionally and i don't think they'll cooperate with anything. they're talking about stop talking about although women's issues and social issues, but that's their platform. >> stephanie: i agree. they were trying to do everything they could. now they'll spend the next four years being bitter that they weren't able to stop him. >> caller: that's exactly what they'll do, no matter what comes up, they will find a way to
8:36 am
end-run around it and try to make him treat him importantly. >> stephanie: look what they did this morning. susan rice after all the awful things they said, which are completely unfounded and proven untrue, she is gracious enough, diplomatic if i may use the word and now they go on t.v. and blast her again. >> caller: i believe they'll do that the entire second material. that's their plan. they may not announce it. people need to like with your show and everything, you brick everything out to light as to what it is and people really need to pay attention. they're just going to keep doing this stuff and say it's not us, you know. >> stephanie: mitch mcconn them's new plan is to make the president a two term president and he'll succeed at that finally. on to plan b. laura in washington, you're on, hi laura. >> caller: hi, first of all steven i'm so sorry europe not on the twitter anymore because
8:37 am
all my coworkers think i have daily seizures from the laughter. >> i apologize. i needed to do it. >> caller: and i have a suggestion for how to deal with this fiscal cliff. some of the republicans announced saying they will wheel and deal chewedding the tax hikes if we will think about entitlement reformal. i say we do that, since entilement reform is mostly what they mean is social security. in exchange for tax hikes, we will cult every penny from social security that adds to the deficit. >> stephanie: see what did you there, because it doesn't add $1 penny to the deficit. you're tricky. >> caller: they have to explain to the american people that it doesn't add to the deficit. >> stephanie: right, you are a scamp, laura and that's good plan, thank you. >> might i say if you miss the words of steven weber tweeting, you can still read his occasional column at the huffing
8:38 am
to know post. >> once in a while i spit out some half-baked wisdom. >> stephanie: golden droppings of some sort. >> oh, them golden droppings. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: they're like a leprechaun farting gold dust. mike in massachusetts. >> caller: i'm a first time caller. i just wanted to say i was going to call about rick scott and the whole like voter suppression thing but like listening to you guys talking about everything made me realize like there's a much larger issue here which i feel like, you know, now that progressives or democrats now what you want to call us, we really need to step up to the plate right now and wait until the next election to get active again, it's just like i mean all the stuff is crazy. i mean, you hear in the news how
8:39 am
republicans are, you know, are soul searching and stuff and you realize like nothing's changing. their still doing the same tactics. >> stephanie: mike, we need to keep saying this. it's what i keep talking about all this talk, that kind of sounds like conciliation, they are talking about loopholes and other little slights of hand that won't actually raise revenue. >> caller: they're saying like, oh republicans they view their stances just like more of a marketing issue like oh, really if we just market our ideas in a different package then people will like us, but it's like they don't understand that. >> no, it's not just mitt romney. it's not just todd akin or richard murdoch it's all the same policies, isn't it? >> you're asking me? >> stephanie: yes i'm sorry
8:40 am
it's your turn. >> i was just thinking, the good old days. look, like i said, they just have one thing that they want to do and they're just trying to dress it up differently to appeal to the demographic that, you know, that won the election, you know, that won the election for obama but huh? >> stephanie: i'm sorry. i knew you were thinking. >> a better time. >> stephanie: you can do your old man. >> back then, yes. i drove a edsel. i was the only one drinking my sassparilla. i have my arm around betty lou. >> do you have get someone who says i'm a last-time caller? no, although some of them are. >> back in moments with actor steven miller. >> oh, god that feels weird and good all at once.
8:41 am
>> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ >> stephanie: this is the "stephanie miller show." steven weber live in studio.
8:46 am
1-800-steph-1-2, toll free from if i were. blink blink. >> it's getting thick in here. a lot of muss. >> stephanie: you were saying the president will not be able to do anything that will please them for four years. three republican senators, gram, mccain and iap -- what's happening? ok. all right. >> i didn't do that. >> stephanie: they said after a meeting with susan rice, they remained significantly troubled by her response. i swear to god didn't you feel like they were screaming this before the election thinking they were going to turn the tide and it didn't work. >> now they can't let go of it. >> there's no subtlety in their
8:47 am
attack. they just keep repeating it, because that's what they do. they're in lockstep and they're fantastic at it. >> lindsey graham said they got bad information and said maybe they shouldn't have gotten any information at all. even condoleezza rice said there is the fog of war. he said he's troubled with rice's response. >> i bet they don't even believe that. they believe the company line. that's what they do. they hope it will work. >> stephanie: she thought rice should have asked more pointed
8:48 am
questions about the attack in advance of her television appearance. intelligence agencies give you all the intelligence they had and you didn't ask more questions. >> is there anything classified you'd like me to share. >> makes no difference. makes no difference! >> don't cry! >> there there. >> rest your head in the crook of my freckled arm. >> barbara in texas. >> caller: this will be my second and last time calling you. >> stephanie: i don't know, go ahead. >> caller: ok. i was calling about the story that you mentioned at the top of the hour, the first hour about the fox news story about men don't want to get married because of women are too. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: ok. i was looking at the daily code's website and according to them, they said the person who wrote that article is a niece of
8:49 am
phyllis shalley. >> stephanie: that explains a lot. you know i shook her hand by accident once. she came up to me and said i heard you were here. i campaigned for gold water. hi i'm phyllis shafley. you set the woman's movement back a thousand years. >> halli i once found a little pile of shafley. i had to scrape it off. >> stephanie: wow, there's a husband spanking his wife. if your husband ever finds out you're not store testing for fresher coffee.
8:50 am
eek! is it always funny to kill a woman? this is a smoking commercial. blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere. it's a man blowing smoke in a woman's face. >> that's true. it helped my first wife's complexion. do you remember that? it burn issued her black heads. >> stephanie: here's one of a wife with affecter duster. the man says the harder she works, the cuter she looks. all right. i can't take anymore of this now. all right. dana in maryland, you're on the "stephanie miller show" with steven weber. hi dana. >> caller: hi, good morning everybody. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: steven, i'll take that vick's rub over here. >> only if you're congested. >> caller: i'm just switch over, i'll send you oh, europe not tweeting, i don't know how to get my address to you. >> we're tracing your signal. we know exactly where you are.
8:51 am
>> caller: i'm in maryland. >> we know that. your pin number is... >> caller: my thing is republicans, fox, three weeks ago, you lost, you lost because you choke on your bad information. carry on with the reality disconnect, you know, saying laura ingraham saying obama is putting a gun to people's head. it's actually insane. mitch mcconnell she says is acting like the only adult in the room. what does that tell you? they're insane. >> stephanie: i was saying they're negotiating like in a hostage crisis but they're not the ones with the guns, somehow they're the ones making the demands. >> caller: steven, your chew toy comment was great. they won't let go. they're going to keep on and on and on. genuine want to just reiterate mid term elections. we need to get these people out. >> stephanie: yep imagine what we could do in the last two
8:52 am
years. >> very fascinating to see. >> caller: exactly get them out, get out the vote. happy holidays, you guys, love your show, love you. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: steven, i'm waiting for that vicks. >> stephanie: bye! hmm. >> that's all it is. >> stephanie: sure. >> opens the sinuses. >> stephanie: he'll tell you a story in his old timey voice. you can tell her an old-fashioned story. >> back in the days when vicks was first invented, i got an early sample and i applied it to my favorite bull calf, and he went ballistic. ballistic, i tell you and he just was siring all over the place siring here siring there,
8:53 am
siring everywhere. [ coughing] >> stephanie: you ok? >> nothing a little vies vapo rub won't cure. >> stephanie: sounds like prostate. >> that, too. >> stephanie: here's one the guy's in bed the woman's on her knees serving him breakfast. the title is show him it's a man's world. >> ok, then. [ applause ] >> stephanie: back in that era. that would be magical. >> so easy. >> stephanie: all right, you can see the delightful steven weber live in person in lips together teeth apart. the link is up at. >> and at your facebook page. >> thank you. i love you all. thank you for tolerating me. >> stephanie: we'll see you tomorrow on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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